Presentation Slide Decks

Disclaimer: The following are presentations from the ARMA Atlanta Chapter’s Monthly Meetings or Educational Sessions. Please keep in mind that the speakers are offering these for educational purposes only and should not to be reproduced or repurposed in any way. Please contact the presenters directly with questions or requests for permission to repost their work. Thank you.  

May 25, 2016 Chapter Meeting

Julie J. Colgan, CRM, IGP: “Flipping the Security Paradigm from Systems to Content” Tina Teree Baker: “ARMA 101: Tools and Techniques for Managing the Lifecycle of Records” Tishangi Bennett, PhD, PMP (presented by Tina Teree Baker): “RIM Policies & Procedures” Tera Ladner, JD, CRM, IGP: “Records in the Modern Age”


September 13, 2016 Chapter Meeting

 Joshua Kitchens: “Pondering Records Management Education.” 


October 18, 2016 Chapter Meeting


November 15, 2016 Chapter Meeting

 Mary W. Haider: “Encompassing All Communities.” 


December 20, 2016 Chapter Meeting


January 17, 2017 Chapter Meeting

 Cartwright, Wandstrat, and Williams: “The Debate: eDiscovery vs Information Governance. 


February 21, 2017 Chapter Meeting


May 16, 2017 Chapter Meeting

Rebecca Landel-Hernandez: “Emergency Preparedness for Records.” 


September 19, 2017 Chapter Meeting


Febryary 20, 2018 Chapter Meeting