2018-2019 Programming

September 18, 2018 - Monthly Chapter Meeting

Speaker: Milton Bartley, ImageQuest

Topic: Curating an Effective Security Culture

Abstract: Participants will be provided an up-to-date look at the cyber threat landscape facing US businesses as well as the value of their respective organizations’ data. We will outline the components of an effective cybersecurity program – and highlight the priority of each component. The entire presentation will be bolstered with current, real-world examples.

Biography: Milton previously served as the Director of Operations for Lanier Worldwide, Vice President of Public Contract Sales for OfficeWare, and as an officer in the U.S. Army. Milton has more than twenty years of experience assessing and mitigating risks for regulated organizations. As the world’s threat landscape has changed over the last two decades, Milton’s direct industry experience uniquely positions him and ImageQuest to support risk management and IT compliance & governance programs for organizations in a cross-section of industries. For the past five years, Milton has been included in the MSPMentor Top 250, recognizing the world’s top managed services provider (MSP) executives, entrepreneurs and experts. Milton is a highly sought-after industry speaker. He has presented at numerous industry conferences, including Rotary International, ITEX Expo, Navigate, and CompTIA’s ChannelCon. He has also spoken locally at events for the Business Technology Association, Citizens Union Bank, the Association of Legal Administrators, and the Louisville Bar Association. Milton is an Amazon.com #1 best-selling author on cybersecurity, and has been published or quoted on cybersecurity and IT compliance topics by multiple media outlets, including CRN Magazine, ImageSource, SMBNation, Bar Briefs, and ENX Magazine.

October 16, 2018 - Monthly Chapter Meeting

Speaker: Alan Weintraub, DocAuthority

Topic: The DOGMA of Content Management


According to Alan, the days where we looked for one content management solution to address all of our needs are long gone.  Organizations are now faced with the challenge of implementing multiple content management solutions focused on many tiers within the organization;

  • Local business unit applications – these applications manage content localized a single business unit
  • Cross business unit applications – these applications manage content that is used by multiple business units
  • Enterprise applications – these applications manage content that is use by the enterprise

Implementing a diverse set of content management solutions require a consistent approach that reuses a proven methodology.   All successful content management implementations address five steps;

  • Discover – what information do I want to manage
  • Organize – how should the information be organized so users can find it
  • Govern – what are the process and procedures for managing the information
  • Manage – how will the information be protected and meet compliance/ retention requirements
  • Analyze –how will users access the information and turn into extended value for the organization

Biography: Alan Weintraub is a senior information management leader and AIIM Fellow focusing on helping organizations maximize the value of their information.  Alan is a leading expert on multiple aspects of enterprise information management (EIM) including information governance (both data and content governance), enterprise content management, data management, digital rights management, and digital asset management.

Session Presentation: DOGMA of Content Management

November 13, 2018- Monthly Chapter Meeting

Speaker: Mary Levins, Principal, Sierra Creek Consulting

Topic: Data Governance – A Data Strategy to Support the Business Strategy

Abstract: Do you have a Data Strategy? There are many key components of a data strategy that are critical for organizations. This presentation will discuss some of these key components to support a competitive advantage including aligning Data Governance to the Business Goals and uncovering the mystery of how to use a culture centric approach for success.

Biography: Mary Levins is recognized as a leader in Data Governance with over 20 years of experience working with organizations to bring value through data strategies that drive business results. Mary has a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering, and her experience spans across many different industries including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, energy/utilities, automotive, electronics, and financial (including Consumer Credit Bureaus and Credit Unions). Today, Mary is the founder of Sierra Creek Consulting, a specialized firm delivering Data Governance, Data Management, and Data Innovation to help companies bring value through data.

December 18, 2018 - Monthly Chapter Meeting

Speaker: Tony UcedaVelez, CEO and Founder, VerSprite

Topic: Data Management: Best Practices for Security and Privacy

Abstract: A very traditional yet elusive discipline is that of data management in any organization. The practice usually begins with well-intended roots around data governance but then falls apart in its execution. Adding to the inherent challenge is the term data; which encompasses a broad spectrum of information, spanning from corporate data to client data. The focus of this talk will be to revisit both traditional governance best practices that are still invaluable to proper data management and governance efforts, as well as practical technological controls that can support the management of data. Key topics to be discussed as part of a comprehensive data management agenda include the following: governance, architecture & data flows, data compliance, risks & impact, pseudonymization, encryption, hashing & other obfuscation measures, and retention & divestiture efforts.

Biography: Tony is the founder and CEO of VerSprite – a global security consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA. He is also the author of Wiley’s Risk Centric Threat Modeling, a book endorsed by the late Cyber Security Coordinator for the White House, Howard Schmidt. Tony has spoken at numerous OWASP, ISACA, ASIS, ISC2, ISSA, BSides conferences across four continents on the topics of cloud security, risk management, threat modeling, secure-SDLC implementation. He also has provided global training to both development groups and company executives who need to understand the impact of security programs to products and business services. Tony’s 25 years of IT/IS experience began with hands-on operations in the areas of system administration, network engineering, software development.

January 15, 2019 - Monthly Chapter Meeting

Speaker: Amy Barry, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Armando Colbourne, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Topic: The Intersection of Information: Use Governance in Maintaining Privacy and Security

Abstract: Organizations today have a dual responsibility to process personal information in order to create value for the organization and its customers – and to do so in a fair and transparent way. We’ll take a look at some of the major privacy and security risks inherent in information use, exploring how organizations can increase their information protection maturity by adopting a formal approach to information-use governance that integrates and guides the protection and appropriate use of personal information.

Biography: Amy is an Atlanta-based Manager with PwC’s national Cybersecurity and Privacy practice. Amy is a seasoned privacy practitioner with notable recent experience in GDPR data discovery efforts, including completion of large scale data discovery, data mapping, data inventories, remediation and compliance efforts. Amy has significant experience working with executives and government officials in the development of privacy and compliance programs for clients. Prior to joining PwC, Amy practiced law with a focus on privacy, regulatory compliance and litigation for 7 years with the Ashcroft Law Firm, LLC founded by former United States Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Armando is an Atlanta-based Manager with PwC’s national Cybersecurity and Privacy practice. Armando has 8 years of experience specializing in privacy, data protection, data management & information governance, supporting global companies in identifying and managing information risks. As a member of this team, Armando regularly performs privacy and/or security audits (as the third-party assessor) for companies who have received an anti-trust-related order from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Office of Civil Rights (OCR), or companies with no order who are striving to increase the protection they place around the personal information of their customers.

February 19, 2019- RIM 101

We’ll hold our annual RIM 101 event on February 19. The theme this year is the Future of RIM. Look for more details in January.

March 19, 2019 - Monthly Chapter Meeting

Speaker: Gordon Brown, Delta Air Lines




April 16, 2019 - Monthly Chapter Meeting





May 10, 2019 - Spring Seminar

We’ll hold our annual spring seminar on May 10. Look for more details in April.

May 21, 2019 - Monthly Chapter Meeting

Speaker: Tod Chernikoff, CRM, IGP, GIP

Topic: Elevating Your RIM/IG Program Through Effective Communications

Abstract: What does it take to quickly assess your RIM/IG program and then move it to the next level? This session will provide you with a basis on which to examine many aspects of your program, start conversations with stakeholders and leaders, and find tools to assist you in these efforts.

Biography: Tod Chernikoff, CRM, IGP, GIP, has over twenty years of experience providing records and information management and information governance services to organizations and clients. He has served ARMA International in positions at the local, regional and international levels including as a member of the ARMA International Board of Directors. He received the ICRM’s 2014 Alan Andolsen Award in recognition of outstanding CRM Mentorship.

June 18, 2019 - Monthly Chapter Meeting

Speaker: Anita Vannucci, Emory University

Topic: Annual Business Meeting

Abstract: The Chapter will conduct its annual business meeting in June. At this meeting we’ll look at the current administrative and financial state of the Chapter and engage in a dialogue about the Chapter’s goals and direction. The Board will recognize Chapter leaders through awards and the incoming Board will be sworn in. Attendance by Chapter membership is strongly encouraged.

Biography: Anita Vannucci is the Records Manager at Emory University. Prior to coming to Emory, she was the Records Analysis Section Coordinator at the Library of Virginia, where she supported the records management programs of Virginia’s public colleges and universities. She received her MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh.

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